Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Tiny Before and After

As I was strolling through TJMaxx a couple weeks ago I saw a little bag of bright green moss. I love anything mossy so I had to pick it up. And let's face it, sometimes a little green can go along way....




{found on Pinterest, unknown source}

Now back to my bag of green...

I continued to the back of the store to see what I could find to put my moss in.
This little guy appeared....

I loved the small size, texture and color of the cement pot. It's price of $7.99 also contributed to making it's way into my cart. Now I'm not a fan of the plastic green grass stuff in it but when I got home I pulled it right out and created this... 

And there you have it. My five minute $11 moss pot project.
Simple and cute.


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  2. I love your inspirations, Rachel! A little green can go a long way when you know how to use those plants in your room. Aside from its beauty, it can also help in cleansing your indoor air. Thanks for sharing this! Where did you place these cute moss project? :)

    Ryann Hoyer @ Yancey Company

  3. Beautiful effect! I've always wanted to place plants at home but I am always out of the house so I'm afraid I might just let them die. But I am considering fake plants instead just for me to be able to achieve this kind of look. :) -Patrick Tan


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