Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day to Enter Giveaway!

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Good Luck and Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brilliant - Community Art

I love this idea from artist, {Candy Chang}... 

In Candy Chang's words...

"It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget what really matters to you. With help from friends and neighbors, Candy turned the side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood in New Orleans into a giant chalkboard where residents can write on the wall and remember what is important to them."

"Before I Die is an interactive public art project that invites people to share their hopes and dreams in public space."

"Painted with chalkboard paint and stenciled with the sentence “Before I die I want to _______”, the wall became an enlightening way to get to know your neighbors and discover the hopes and aspirations of the people around you."   

"Once the wall is filled, we wash the board with water and start with a clean slate again. We are documenting all responses and some will be included in a book."

What would you write?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Giveaway Reminder!

Ok, if you guys haven't tried out {sneakpeeq} you have got to get on this train! It's so fun to "peeq" at the prices! And let me just tell you they are worth a peeq! I love a good deal!

Currently on the site they have the cutest things! 

Like this fun necklace....

This gorgeous ombre scarf...

And this bracelet... (I'm a sucker for leafy jewelry)

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But back to more goodies... 

How cute are these bath bombs? Great for gifts!

 They even have specialty chocolates, need I say more?

And workout equipment! 

This website is very well rounded! :)

Ok, one more scraf because they are so cute and SO affordable!

Ready to take a {sneakpeeq}?

Giveaway details (in brief)
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That's it!

I'll annouce one lucky winner of a $25 gift card and three lucky winners of $10 gift cards later next week! 


But if you want to shop in the mean time (and who could blame you?, sneakpeeq is graciously giving you 20% off your next purchase just for entering! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Favorite Birthday Gift

Just this past November Nashville brought in the holy grail of organization - {The Container Store}. And it's pretty much awesome. I have to admit I didn't know what all the hipe was about, but after visiting - I  caught on real quick.

So as you guys know, I just had a birthday a couple weeks ago. And this year hubby had a surprise up his sleeve...

This is what my closet looked like when I left for work...


After hubs got his hands on it... 

So sweet of him to document it all for me! 

Hubs said he tried to keep everything in somewhat of an order. 
He knows I can be OCD like that. haha

Let the building commence! 

Sadie was helping (of course)

Looking good!!!!

The finished product.... I *love* it!

And when I came home... 

It's hard to believe this board and rod were the only things in there before.

I have SO much more room now! 

My pants and blazers were in my other closet before and now they fit in here - love that! 

Hubs bought all those dividers for my purses

Shoe rack and baskets for small things. 
I can even use the shelf about the pants for things.

He even got me two "valet bars" as you can see the ruffle shirt is hanging on. He knows I always hang stuff sideways like that. There is proof in my unknowing "before"! He said he was going to get me three but the lady at the store said that might be a little much. 

So there you have it! Hubs put a lot of time and thought into the design and it does not go unnoticed by me. I absolutely love my new closet!! Thank you so much, babe! You did good! :)

Do you have a closet system? Or any storage tips for those of us living in older homes with small closets?

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