Friday, November 18, 2011

One from the Files

Boy am I glad Friday is finally here! 

Before the weekend officially begins I wanted to share a photo I've had stashed away in my "Gray Dream Home" file.

Let's start from the top and work our way down shall we?

I'm in love with those high high ceilings... look at those moldings - gorgeous! 
The double layered cabinets... 
Gotta have some glass fronts in there too. And if that's lead glass - extra points in my book!
Simple, neutral roman shades - check! 
I love a wall of glass behind the sink! 
And notice the handle on the window there?
Can't you just feel the summer breeze coming through when it's hinged open!?
I also love how the light fixture picks up the creamy tones in the roman shades, floor, and  wall color but also pulls in the black of the island counter top.
And need I even draw your eye to the dreamy marble backsplash and counters?! Just lovely!
Everything about this kitchen is lovely... the floors, the beautiful detail on the island, and oh you guys get the point... 

Dreamy, right!?

Forgive me for not writing down the source! If you know the designer/owner of this kitchen please let me know!

Now a long as there is a banquette with luxuriously cushy pillows across this kitchen and a 6 burner gas cooktop for the hubs we'll be all set! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. wow that kitchen is definitely dreaming. i wish that could be my kitchen. i would want to stay in there all day long and bake and cook!

  2. I want to jump in that picture! I never met a white kitchen I didn't love :)

  3. You are so right on! There isn't anything I don't love about that kitchen except it's not in my house!

  4. Is this a tease before your kitchen reveal??? I'm thinking your "before" kitchen had potential to look like this puppy!??????
    Am I spoiling the buildup?
    Super dreamy kitchen photo!

  5. Simply gorgeous...I can see why you love it so much! :)


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