Friday, February 24, 2012

Rustic Elements

Last week I expressed my love of rustic decor. See my post with examples {here}. I also promised to show you some of the ways we've showcased natural materials in our own home. 

You guys are probably familiar with our white washed walls in the living room and dining room. I'm so glad we experimented with this treatment. It could have easily been a swing and a miss (considering we didn't have a clue what we were doing), but it turned out to be a home run (at least in our opinion!). We love they way it makes the room feel casual and cozy while adding character.

Of course one of my favorite things in our entire house is the dining room table my husband built from wood we tore out of the house. It brings texture and warmth to our informal dining space.

And back in the living room... we added mirrored accent chests to each side of the fireplace soon after we moved in. They brought a little bit of glam and dimension to the space, but have you noticed the finish on them? 

The creamy paint between the mirrors has a distressed finish which allows them to fit in quite nicely (not too Hollywood glam for our wood paneled room).

And now for one you haven't seen...

I recently added an old barn wood frame to our master bedroom. The dresser display never felt quite right. Everything was a little too "cold" for my liking.

I first thought about changing the artwork, and just before Christmas when walking through historic Franklin with hubs, his mom, and some of her friends we saw this beauty...

I loved the entire look of it, but with a sold sign (and ridiculous $600+ price tag anyway) we immediately thought a DIY was in order. Hubs spouting off, "I can make that" was like music to my ears.

But THEN my sweet mother-in-law remembered she had a very similar frame sitting in her garage. She said we can take a look at it next time we were in town and keep it if we wanted. For real?

Ok, now I was excited. I was hoping this would be just what we needed for our master.

So then the dresser vignette went from this... 

To this... 

First I thought about replicating the canvas and different quote 
but ended up leaving it just like this...

I love it leaning up against our current canvas!

I even love the rustic tangled wire on it. Adds character, don't you think?

On another note, we also recently had five dead trees removed from our yard. Yes, FIVE! I'm glad we did it in the winter so hopefully we won't miss the leaves as much. Overall, I'm just glad they're outta here though. I'd rather have a little less shade then a tree truck through my house! 

Why I'm telling you about our dead trees? 

Because I asked the nice tree guys to cut me two stumps about 2 feet tall. My original plan was strip the bark and make plant stands for each side of the door... or something. 

However when I came home, I was very happy they obliged my odd request, but I didn't know how BIG they would be!  I'm pretty sure a friend of ours had back pain for a few days from moving one of them into the garage for me! Oops. 

Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them. 

Any ideas? 

Plant stand? Really big cake stands? End table? 


  1. Hello Rachel,

    Love the message on that print.

    Enjoy your day! :)

  2. I love the new vignette in your master bedroom. I think a plant stand out of those trees would be great!

  3. Every time I look at pictures of your dining room I love it more! The rustic frame is so neat - love it next to the canvas - it adds alot of character to your dresser area - love this post!

  4. I still cannot get over the fact that your husband MADE that table! It's beyond gorgeous and how special that it was made from wood from your beloved home? Definitely a piece that will remain in your family for generations to come!

  5. I have a couple of wood trunks in my garage right now as well. I plan to DIY two of these guys- inspired by West Elm. When I do it I'll make sure to post the steps and success rate!

  6. I always love looking at your spaces, yummy eye candy! You will love what I did with my little boy's room, we put barnwood on the wall in his nook. Anyways, those stumps are great, can't wait to see what you do with them and also loving the frame on the dresser! Thanks for sharing today!

  7. You have done wonders with you house. Love all of your decor and changes. Hugs, Marty

  8. I seriously love every detail. Great job! I would have never thought to white wash, but it looks great.

  9. End tables! Or put three or four together to make a coffee table.

    I love the open frame, I think every room needs something rustic/natural.

  10. I love everything you've done here! I'm sure you'll find something great to do with your tree trunks. We have one made into an end table (varnished top and casters on the bottom), and I love it!


  11. You and your husband have done an amazing job here! Love it.
    Happy Friday.

  12. i love all your house decorations. seriously painting the wood is just an awesome idea and i would love to do that to my own house one day. your style is definitely me as well.

  13. girl, I never get tired of seeing pictures of your fabulous casa!!! I'm still over the moon for your dining room and that new/old frame is FABULOUS!

  14. I never thought I'd think knotty pine paneling was soft, warm, inviting, and modern feeling, but you sure made it that way. I love all the different elements you've brought together too and those mirrored chests really accents everything so nicely. And of course the dining table and the hubby are amazing!


  15. Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. .... Oh, and you have real talent!

  16. Love how you did the white wash on the wood paneling... I have the same wall in my dining room. Would you be so kind to post exactly how you did it? Love your style!!

  17. I love the updates - you've done a beautiful job, Rachel! The walls look gorgeous, the table is stunning! Can't wait to see what you decide for the wood!

  18. OK, first, I still love the family room and the white washed paneling, have just recommended this to a client and I'm linking to your post (would love to know the recipe for your pain colors and amounts). Secondly, I totally agree with adding some rustic. I did the same thing with my intaglios in my living room. It was getting to shiny in there (for lack of a better word) and the frames adding a nice rustic layer). Lastly, I am totally digging the tree stumps. They remind me of the ceramic garden stools! M.

  19. Yes, the frame is a great piece and ties in to your rustic elements in the house. And now you have stumps to work on - that is wonderful. We have had a lot of tress down in the neighborhood in the past year and I look at all the trunks and wish I had tools to work on them further. Not yet.

  20. I just came across your blog and I love love love it! I also love the rustic aesthetic of your home. Those nailhead chairs in your dining room are to die for! I am excited to be your newest follower. :)



  21. Oh I love that rustic barn frame! Looks great in your bedroom and adds some fabulous texture. And hello... your hubs made your dining room table? Amazeballs. As for the stump... hm, end table? I've seen a few tutorials out in blog land about how to refinish those so they work for inside! I'm sure you can find via Pinterest?!

  22. very pretty


  23. Love the white washed paneling, and that table your husband made is AMAZING!!! That is superb!

  24. Your paneling is definitely a HOME RUN!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  25. Love your dining room table & the wooden frame!! I am a sucker for rustic decor too :)

  26. That table is beautiful. Something handmade will always be cherished. Still love how you whitewashed that paneling!!!


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