Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living Room Sources

Thank you so much 
for your sweet comments about our living room! 

I loved reading what each one of you had to say! Since some of you were wondering where we got certain pieces I wanted to share the sources...

I'm always looking for a good deal! It's definitely a challenge to pull a room together from start to finish on a limited budget, but it can be done! My go-to website and store has always been Overstock.com and Homegoods. You can find some really awesome things for great prices. Sometimes Homegoods can be hit or miss, but it's always worth a look. As for Overstock, I've gotten all kinds of things off their website... from 16-gauge stainless steel kitchen sinks to Chi hair straighteners. I've always been pleased with their service and you can't beat their shipping - never a penny above $2.95! However sometimes it can be overwhelming to search on the site. Tip: After I put in search keywords I immediately change the view {from "Relevance"} to "Reviews". That way the top rated products show at the top.

Ok ok, back to the living room...

Hubs and I searched high and low for the perfect sectional, but once we saw this beauty with its grey-ish hue, straight lines, tufting, and exposed legs it definitely stopped us in our tracks. It was just what we wanted. We bought it from Sprintz in Nashville, TN. It took well over a month to get in, but it was worth the wait! You guys are going to kill me, but I cannot remember the brand for the life of me!
{in the Sprintz showroom}

Ceiling fan:
Since hubs MUST have a fan we knew ours needed an update. We wanted something with clean lines that was more flush with the ceiling. We bought the Harbor Breeze Aero Bronze straight from Lowes. It's very quiet and comes with a remote control and dimmer.
Anything would have been an upgrade from our previous eye sore!

It was love at first sight when I saw this rug at Brentwood Interiors, a local home decorating store. It's fate was sealed when I saw the sale tag! The brand is Shaw. I quoted several other places on this exact rug and Brentwood Interiors was by far the lowest, even at the non-sale price.

{close up - pretty blues and greens}

I thought these grommet topped panels were a steal from JC Penney - especially at 40% off, then an extra 10%! They are Cindy Crawford, triple layer panels for "enhanced energy efficiency". The color {Abyss Green is what caught my eye, and I think they turned out great! There are lots colors to choose from as well as a variety of lengths {63"-120"}. We have 8 foot ceilings so I bought the 95" length so they would brush the ground. Hang them high ladies! {Oh and the curtain rods are from Homegoods and the bamboo shades are from Lowes... more on those later}.

Mirrored accent chests:
Overstock.com! I searched high and low for mirrored accent chests that would be the perfect height, width, and length to squeeze in beside the fireplace {and without breaking the bank}. Love these babies! The mirrors are very glam, but mixed with the distressed paint they are just right for our space.


Coffee table:
We picked up our coffee table from Bragg's of Huntsville - sorry, having a brand blank here too. We were looking for a simple glass table and this one fit the bill and the budget perfectly. If you're in the Huntsville area Bragg's is a must stop for home furnishings!


Lamps & Accessories:
The lamps, silver frames, blue box, and 4 pieces of art on the wall are from Homegoods. The white frames are from Pottery Barn. The solid pillows I snagged at Tuesday morning and the chevron pillow covers are from Etsy {via}. My parents gave us that oh-so-soft throw from the clearance table at Dillards- it's the best!

 I think that's it! If you guys have any other questions let me know!


  1. Thanks for sharing :) I have yet to shop on Overstock, but I might have to now.

  2. Love your rug! I'm on the hunt for a rug and might check Overstock as I haven't been on there in a while. I also love Homegoods.

  3. This room is so lovely! Great finds! I love bargain shopping.. I need to check out O.co more often.

  4. wow your living room is great! i love how you decorated it. can you come to my place and redecorate mine? pretty please. thanks! meg

  5. I love HomeGoods as well but I haven't shop much at Overstock.com. Thanks for sharing your resources!


  6. Oh how I love a good sources reveal...I'm always looking for thrifty and fun ways to update...and I always need more ideas!

  7. This room looks amazing! I absolutely love it. Question- I read a post from your old blog about your dining room and I'm wondering where you got your nailhead chairs. I figured they were exp from PB or something, but then I read you do decor on a budget and I got to wondering. Overstock?

  8. I agree with your hubby, when did ceiling fans become such a design no-no? They may not all look beautiful, but you can't beat the function! I spent 2 hours with my neck cranked to the ceiling shopping for ceiling fans in our local hardware store the other day, and although the majority of the designs are pretty gross, there are some really beautiful and modern choices. I love yours!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing....still so in love with the whole space! :)

  10. I know this is an old post, but I just stumbled across your blog and am getting 'caught up'. I love it! (especially that dining room table...am totally going to steal that idea!) Anyways, this post caught my eye because of the Nashville and Brentwood comments. I grew up in Brentwood and then lived in Spring Hill with my husband for two years (we are now in Chattanooga). We bought the rug for our living room at Brentwood Interiors too...GREAT place! Anyways, I just find it cool to find a blogger around areas I know. It always seems as if they are so far away and reference all these places I've never heard of. Keep up the great work...you have definitely won me over as a reader!

  11. @Whitney

    Thanks Whitney! You guessed, we live in Nashville! Love it here! And yes, Brentwood Interiors is my go-to! So fun this is where you grew up! We have some friends that moved to Chattanooga last year... it's so pretty there!

  12. The mirrors are very glam, but mixed with the distressed paint they are just right for our space.

  13. Your living room is so pretty also I like the way you decorates it, actually I'd like to get some tips to improve my living room as you have improved it.


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