Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gallery Walls & a Z Gallerie Purchase

There are a couple places in my house that I want to decorate via gallery wall. I love a good photo/art collage scattered about a wall in no particular form or fashion...

Love how these frames are grouped and draw attention away from the  tv.

Gorgeous gold chunky frames -- looove

Pretty white mats surround a gorgeous little mirror

Monochromatic all the way up... love this runner too

This gallery wall has a very eclectic feel to it... I like how it fills up the entire wall.

A variety of metals and sizes unified by rectangular shape and white mats. Love the scale.

Height and color  adds interest to an otherwise boring staircase
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I've started collecting and accumulating things I'm drawn to and plan to put it all together at some point. I have been eying this adorable Labrador piece by Emily Burrowes for a while now and finally went to my local Z Gal to pick it up last night. Love that store... they have such chic furniture and accessories!
It will be the perfect addition to my currently imaginary gallery wall. Why? 
Because it closely resembles our little Sadie Gray... 

This photo was taken by my friend Candice when Sadie was just 9 weeks old {she'll be 2 this month!}

Such a sweet face!


  1. The piece of artwork you purchased from ZGallerie really resembles Sadie, they even have the same expression and the same gaze. By the way, I love the second inspirational picture with the gold frames.


  2. Sadie is adorable. I have been working on our gallery wall for the past year. Hopefully I will get it done by the end of the year.

  3. Love the gold - and the monochramatic one is to die for! so well done.

  4. I'm attempting to do something like this in our living room. But I'm not one of those "let's lay it all out and make sure it looks good" so I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it turns out okay and trust my eye. I'm still on the collecting phase too.

  5. Not shocking I LOVE the chunky gold mirrors! ha! And your puppy is adorable! They'll always be puppies :>)

  6. How adorable!! The puppy.. and the picture!

    blair @ scsd

  7. I have TRIED gallery hangings in my house twice. Both times I obsessed over each little placement, came to realize they looked too hodge podge, and then took them down! I wish I could pull it off. I think perhaps I didn't have the right "ingredients" to begin with. I'm still open to trying again because I think they look so great.

  8. I want to do a gallery wall up our staircase! Such a good idea to start collecting the images -maybe I need a dog one for our puppy :)

  9. Your dog is adorable. At first I thought it was a weim. which is what we have.

    Those gold frames are speaking to me.

  10. I LOVE the picture of Sadie. I love picture collages too. I told Brian a couple of days ago that I want to make a collage of all the places we live while in the Army so now we are going to take pictures of places or things that remind us of the place we are living! I'm excited to see how it turns out down the road!

  11. I love your ideas! But the photo of your little Sadie stole the show! How cute!

  12. I love a good gallery wall as well! I'm wrapping up one now in my master bedroom. And, you're dog is too cute for words. I want to smush her face!

  13. I love photo collages going up the stairs. Its so fun! And ADORE the Z gallery pic you found that resembles Sadie.

  14. Sadie is adorable :)
    I've been thinking a lot about gallery walls lately too. I'd like to do a very haphazard one going up our back stairs. I think it would be a neat way to hang our family photos.

  15. OMG -- look at cute Sadie as a pup! :) Love her.


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