Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Weekend

I'm off to Atlanta to watch my best friend getting married! I'm soooo excited! 

This is the venue...
It's going to be amazing.

And this is the bride and groom...

I mean how cute are they!?

Love this family shot! :)

I love you best friend! 

Let the celebration begin! This is going to be one fun wedding! 

Hope you all have a good weekend! More house updates coming soon, promise! 


  1. Fun! Have a wonderful time! Would love to see some photo recaps and see what color you ladies are wearing.

  2. So fun, Rachel! If you have time you must go to Scott's Antique Market. It's on this weekend in Atlanta!! M.

  3. Bah you two are so cute! Hope you had a great time at the wedding and a fabulous weekend! :) xx

  4. My friend is looking for venues in Atlanta--LOVE! Where/what is the name of the venue?


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