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Guest Post: Mandi @ Interior Design Musings

Hi everyone! Hubs and I are off basking in the sun for a little anniversary trip, but don't think I would leave you hanging this week! Nope, I have a great line up of guest posters for your entertainment! 

I'm thrilled to start the week off with Mandi from {Interior Design Musings}!

Mandi and I have a mutual friend and I'm glad to have "met" her! You see her husband works with one of my good friends from college and when they were at a dinner party (hosted at Mandi's, I believe) somehow blogs came up and thus a virtual introduction occurred shortly after. Then to my delight Mandi graciously put her faith in me to write a guest post for her {my first one!} just a month of so after Just a Touch of Gray was born. 

Ok, seriously guys... 
If you are looking for a great interior design read look no further than her blog. She is out to educate, and her posts are ever so inspiring. I appreciate the time and thought she puts into them! She's pretty much amazing! 

Soooo, without further adieu... 

Hi there!  I'm Mandi from Interior Design Musings, and I'm thrilled to be guesting posting today for Rachel while she is on her vacay! Can't wait to see pictures from her adventure.  In the meantime, let's talk COLOR!

Pantone Color Predictions for 2012

I thought it would be fun to give you my thoughts on Pantone's color predictions as they relate to interior design.  As you know, Pantone is the "go to" for color forecasting each year.  They are the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for all the design industries such as fashion, cosmetics, graphic design, and interior design.

Each year, they forecast color trends over the next 12 to 24 months.  In years past, they have predicted a single color for the season.  Last year it was Honeysuckle Pink.  But this year, they have created several palettes of color predictions along with predictions on how color will "evolve" during the next 12 months. So, here are their "evolving" predictions and my ideas on how they will effect interior design.

Lighter Blues and Navy Increase in Importance
I love the light watery blues that have been popular for the last few years, but the idea of combining them with a deep navy is really inspiring.  

Nothing like lacquered navy walls paired with the ticking fabric on the settee.

The lighter subtle blues of the hydrangeas and the light airy feel of the bookshelves coupled with the  dark blue (almost gray) of the walls and dining chairs is stunning. 

Leathery Brown Becomes More Important as a Basic
Brown is one of my favorite neutrals, and the fact we are going to be seeing more of it as a background color is exciting. 

Even though this space has lots of pattern and interest, it is very neutral.  This homeowner could add any color for a pop in this space and give it a completely different feel. 

Oxblood Grows in Popularity as Browns Adopt a Redder Hue
I have certainly notice this trend.  If you have been in a fabric store lately, you definitely can see the reddish browns becoming more prominent.   But, I love this take on the prediction.  Something as simple as painting a door to compliment the draperies is so clever. 

Olive Becomes Stronger
I've always thought of green as a neutral, but more of a grassy green.  I really think of this olive tone as more of a pop of color.

Adore how Caitlin uses it in this neutral family room for interest.  Also notice that she has paired it with blue/gray on the walls and accent pillows on the sofa.  Really fresh take!

And then going with an even deeper hue, this room feels amazingly cozy.  

Purple and Purple Hues are Still Evident
This trend became more popular last year, and I think it is continuing to grow.  I redesigned a family room for a couple this past Spring and included purple in the accent fabrics.  But, to put it on the ceiling is truly a bold move (even in a closest)!!

I also love to see purple in a more raison hue (like the table lamp).  I think it feels more like fall and winter. 

And here it is paired with the olive!  

Brights Have a Singular Status for Winter
I think when you include color in a single note like this, it is very easy to pull off and looks like a million bucks.  

The trick is to keep everything else in the space super neutral - then your color pops in a major way.

Camel Evolves into Cappuccino/Creamy Hues
OK, let's be honest . . . this prediction just makes me hungry!  Yum. 

These walls are a perfect example of a creamy take on camel - like melted vanilla ice cream.

Yellows Become Softer and Less Sporty
Last Spring, I included some yellow in my own family room in the form of pillows.  But you can incorporate it in any form, including artwork. 

Reds are Becoming More Orange
I think of all the predictions, this one is my favorite.  I love the orangey reds we are seeing more and more of these days.  These chairs are gorgeous and the lumbar pillows in that cut velvet are scrumptious for winter. 

Also love blending the reds with the orange lacquered walls.  It feels chic and cozy at the same time. 

Traditional Winter Darks and Berry Colors are More Mid-Toned and Less Blackened
These are not colors one would traditionally blend together.  But I love the look! 

Color is such an easy way to freshen up a space and add interest.  I hope you will consider the trends for your own space during the next few months.  I enjoyed being with you and hope you'll come visit me soon over at the Muse! M.


  1. all your predictions especially the blues and browns!! My new family room will be these colors so I am feeling especially good about that now!

  2. OMG-- such great eye candy, Mandi! Love to see purples still in the mix. ;-)
    Great post!
    Heidi @ Decor & More (Show Some Decor)

  3. Love this post -- color trends are an obsession of mine and it's always so fun to see what's in store. Love the orange-y reds and raisin-y purples. Oxblood, hmmm.... I'm sure it'll grow on me. :)

  4. So basically anything goes but seafoam green and mauve???? Ha all of your images...great for inspiration!

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