Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday, really?

This week is flying by, but no complaints here! Today I wanted to share some sneak peek photos from my sister's photographer, Micah with {Micah Williams Photography}. Not only is she a professional photographer, but also a friend from high school! It was so fun having her around the whole day and her pictures are amazing!! See for yourself...

Beautiful sissy


This is my sister and Mark's "first look". It was so cute! Sis hid behind the tree and they stood back to back for a little photo opp...

And then the reveal....

It was so cute! Mark had the biggest grin!

We had a great weekend! It was so fun! My sister looked absolutely gorgeous and SO happy!

The venue was a historic train depot. We had a blast playing on the trains!

I'm pretty sure this was the best part of the park. The bridal party is spelling out L-O-V-E. It was not as easy for the guys, in particular the "O". Hilarious.

Sisterly love

WAHOO! You're getting MARRIED!

It's official!!

Yes, that is a hay couch. And yes, those are bright blue Nikes. That's my sis! :)

I can't wait to see the rest of them! What great memories!


  1. Sister!!!!!!!!!! Don't let her fool you. The weekend festivities would not nearly have been as great without her! What great pics! Love you sis!

  2. She had a beautiful wedding! Congratulations to your sister; I love all the pictures.. :)

  3. Your sister is gorgeous and so are the pictures. Congrats to your family on the wedding.

  4. Gorgeous - all of you!! What great photos. I LOVE the mixed navy and green bridesmaids dresses. You ladies look so beautiful!! Congrats to your sister (and you - you've got a new BIL!)

  5. Oh my gosh! Gwen looks stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow- these photos are amazing! Looks like a beautiful day. You all look gorgeous and your sister looks so happy! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog yesterday! :) I love your blog!

  7. So so beautiful. And I love the two different colored bridesmaid dresses. So pretty.

  8. Beautiful photos of your sister! Great sister shot! By the way I really enjoyed all the posts about everyone's room inspiration! I found so many great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful pics and great-looking couple! Looks like it was a ton of fun. Congratulations to your sister!

  10. What gorgeous photos! I absolutely love that she's wearing blue Nikes!


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