Monday, October 3, 2011

Roomspiration - Day 10: Closets & Nooks

First of all, thank you to everyone that linked up their master bedrooms last Friday!
I had such a fun time looking at each and every one of them!!

And now we're entering the last week of the Roomspiration Blog Hop...


The Roomspiration room of the day is...


...hosted by the master mind behind this whole operation:
 Ange from {The Blooming Hydrangea}!

I can't wait to see what Ange has up her sleeve today. I know she has been hard at work on her cloffice!

Now for a little DREAM closet action...

Gold standing mirror - check!

All the shelves a girl could ask for - check!

Everything on wooden hangers, hung neat and orderly - check!

Crazy glam chandy and center island - check!

Hello beautiful marble floors! - check! 
Room for shoes galore and yes, I'll take those LV trunks too - check! 

Do I even need a caption here?

And now my all time favorite gush-worthy closet...
Recognize it? From Sex in the City, duh! Ahhh, unforgettable perfection.

So... maybe in the next house I'll get my dream closet... hubs, are you reading this!? :)

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Roomspiration Blog Hop

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  1. I never get tired of looking through closet photos


  2. I wish I had remembered about this today. I have a wierd little closet that i could show you. It's completely like Harry Potter's closet that he slept in under the stairs.

  3. Gorgeous inspiration. I am with you, next house I want a dream closet too!

  4. Great idea for a post! I can't imagine having a closet like this! The closet from Sex and the City...ahhh, yes, will never forget that one! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment. I hope you get your overflowing flower boxes one day!

  5. Now I have closet envy! It I had to choose I don't think I could. Great inspiration.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my fall porch, your comment made me smile! I'll be back later to look around.

  6. So pretty...closet photos are gorgeous...especially when they are nicely organized (not like mine).

  7. Dreamy closets - I would be happy just to be able to display my shoes (I don't think I have too many)!

  8. Oh those are absolutely wonderful closets...

    any of those can be my dream closet ♥

    Oh maybe the Fifth one would be my best dream closet.

  9. Awesome closets! I wish I had one like that.

  10. These are really wonderful closets that are any woman's dream. If only all of these closets can fit in one home! As a closets Bergen service provider, it is great to see many improvements in the industry, allowing individuals to make their closet dreams come true.


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