Friday, September 9, 2011

Hallway Gallery Wall - DONE

As I mentioned earlier this week hubs and I finally got our hands on the "elevator wall". You guys know I had been collecting things for a gallery wall - see post {here}. Well... 


Here's what we were working with...

BEFORE - still a few more coats of mud needed

Mudding finished - ready for paint! 

 This is the view after coming in from the garage. Breakfast area/kitchen to the right, front sitting room to the left, and our master bedroom straight back...

Ta-dah! This moment has been a long time coming! Finally a smooth and painted hallway!
Not one indication of a door (well at least on this side)

The collection grew and grew... 

Next was figuring out how to arrange them... 

Shuffle shuffle!

The winner! Shout out to hubs! 

After seeing YHL's post about hanging gallery walls I decided to take their advice {see post here}. I busted out my own newspaper and scissors and got to cutting...

I taped the shapes to wall before hubs drilled all the holes. 

A little painters tape for guidance

Hanging the newspaper cut outs for placement

Sadie was worn out just watching us! 

Starting to go up... {thanks babe!}

Looking down the hall...

And one more time {you know how I do}... 

The hallway went from this:

To this: 

To this:

 To THIS! 

The deets: 

I didn't want our gallery to be just frames and photos. 
When I found this lion door knocker I knew he would be a fun addition. 
Not sure why, but I love him! 

Hubs painted this blue lightning picture his freshman year of high school. 
Who knew I married at artist!? ;)

The metal "G" is from Anthropologie and the Labrador is from ZGallerie. 

A little photo booth fun... 

Hubs wanted to frame the thermostat - brilliant! 

The frames are from all over - TJMaxx, Marshall's, Target, and some we already had laying around. The "Love is All You Need" was a great find from Ross, the colorful guitars were bought on our 2nd anniversary trip to Chicago, and the mirror and door knocker came from Gas Lamp Antiques here in Nashville. 

So there she is...  
{still missing a few photos, but you get the idea}

The new gallery wall gives loads of character and interest to an otherwise boring hallway. 
We love it! 

PS- Don't forget the Roomspiration Blog Hop & Link Party kicks off Monday!! 

Hope you guys are getting your entryways spruced up and ready to link over at {Abode Love}! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. it looks awesome friend!!! great job...i especially love the framed thermostat ;)

  2. Looks so good. You can't even tell there was an elevator there before!

  3. Rachel I love it! Especially the lion door knocker! So glad you added that!

  4. Looks awesome! I love the paint color that you chose and that door knocker is super cute, not to mention I love how you framed the thermostat.


  5. Love it! The lion knocker instantly drew my eye in...until I saw the framed it's a fight as to which one is my favorite aspect.

  6. You both did an amazing job from start to the color on the walls, the mix of artwork/photographs and the idea of framing the thermostat - makes it a 3D work of art and it blends in - fantastic! Also great lightning painting.

  7. Such a great new look to your hallway - you must be thrilled. I was thrilled just seeing it painted and smooth but then the gallery wall just did it - it's great. Enjoy it - I bet it makes you really happy. And LOVE the framed thermostat - way to make it blend in!!

  8. That gallery wall is gorgeous! My fav is the frame around the thermostatY. You dont even see it..totally blends it. Love it!

  9. I love it, great work! My favorite part is the lion door knocker! I also love that you framed the thermostat, hehe!

  10. I love your eclectic grouping! What a genius idea to frame the thermostat...might have to do that myself!

  11. Absolutely love the gallery wall. Could you please share the name and brand of the wall color. Thanks!

  12. this looks amazing! I didn't even notice the framed therostat when look through the pictures! can't wait to see it in person.

  13. oh my gosh, wow, it looks amazing! you and your husband did such a great job! :D

    <3, Mimi
    $25 Apothica Gift Card Giveaway :)

  14. You impress me more and more and more!

  15. Love this! I tend to be a little wary of gallery walls, but yours is stellar. I adore the lion knocker, as well. AND...I've never heard of using newspaper like that as a guide. I will definitely use that tip!

  16. You guys did a super job! I've done one before and it drove me crazy! Using the painters tape looks like a super idea.
    And you famed in the thermostat!

  17. love your gallery wall - it looks fantastic.
    cheryl xox.

  18. awesome job. of course, I love the gray wall color but also love the framed thermostat!

  19. Love! Love the paint color too.

  20. great idea framing the thermostat!

  21. This is fantastic! Our large family room has several walls done in gallery style with all family photos...some very old vintage ones as well. We also have one much smaller wall in our hallway that needs "something". I'd thought of doing a gallery thing there too but was stymied by two thermostats and the carbon monoxide detector on that wall....until I saw the idea of framing them too! Pretty cool..and super easy. Great how it makes the thermostat just disappear into the rest of the frames. Love it!

  22. Your gallery wall looks SO GOOD!!! I love it! I'm hoping to do the same in either our living room or bedroom soon, just have to build up my collection of frames first! LOVE seeing your home transformations! Xo, Katie

  23. It looks soooo good. The lion knocker is pretty cool. Nice touch.

  24. Gorgeous!!! SO clever about the thermostat - blends right in! Love your mix too!

  25. that looks spectacular! i love all the frames and and the knocker you selected, definitely did a great job!

  26. @Anonymous
    Thank you! The wall color is Graphite from Restoration Hardware. It's a gorgeous shade of grey... we are very happy with it.

  27. THat looks amazing!
    Real good job, can`t wait to have my own finished!
    Love your blog!

  28. I love your gallery. You were featured Please come by and grab a button.

  29. what is the name of that gray?


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